Psychodynamic psychotherapy

Psychodynamic psychotherapy is one branch rooted on Freuds theoretical framework; it is based on depth psychology and intends to reveal the unconscious of the psyche.

Freud understood life as an invitation to find happiness.
As happiness follows an ultra-subjective insight and finds itself in a unique imprint for each being, there is no common way to find it. The answer is insight. With psychodynamic psychotherapy, we may help you to read and understand this insight.

The purpose of depth psychology is to understand the dynamic of the imprinting early relationships for the ongoing problems in relations to the self and others. Attributing the origins of neurotic diseases in the specific quality of prime human relations, most of these conflicts rooted in childhood and tend to reproduce themselves. As on an unconscious level, striving for a resolution, we repeat our struggle in insane relations, over and over again, just loosely dissimulated in differing costumes; without issue. Consciously understanding the central conflicts, alleviates or even resolves them.

With the techniques of psychodynamic psychotherapy it becomes possible to understand the inner worlds, to bring to mind repressed and lost memory traces, so that painful experiences can transform, such as the repeated paths of suffering end and open up towards a more flourishing self-comprehension. This helps to discover more constructive new pattern of agreement with the new surrounding world.