Empowering Expats / Coaching

When you relocate yourself, it is sometimes challenging to redefine the origins of your personal experiences within your new life frame. This time of transition may become a deep chance to recontextualize the own true self within a more self- decided world of true arrival.
Understanding your specific individual psychodynamics finally allows you to profound your perceptual skills, to extend your self- and interpersonal limitations, and this empowers you to participate in the creation and in inspiring of your surrounding.



… is a journey that reveals ways out of psychic pain. This kind of suffering is often an indicator of having lost the connection to the own inner truth and the outer form of meaningful self-expression. Difficulties in our relationships to others can be seen as a reflection of a problematic relationship to our own self for e.g. expressed as depression, anxieties, eating disorders, psychosomatic problems, feelings of grief or guilt.

Psychotherapy for privately insured. Customarily your private health insurance will overtake the costs of your psychotherapy. Nevertheless contracts diverge concerning number and frequency of approved hours per year, please contact your insurance to inform you. Psychotherapy for statutorily insured.

We cooperate with the german health insurances BKK VBU and Bahn BKK. Under specific conditions, your health insurance (for e.g. Viactiv BKK, BKK Mobil Oil, IKK Berlin) will overtake the costs of your psychotherapy. The criteria are:
1. urgency
2. when you brought up a high effort to find a fitting therapist.